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Frequently Asked Questions about Acumen Panel

Q. Who is behind the Acumen Panel?

Q. What do I get for taking part in surveys?

Q. How do I take part in the surveys?

Q. How often do I get surveys?

Q. How long are the surveys?

Q. What happens to my personal information?

Q. Will I get spam?

Q. I have concerns about data protection.

Q. I can’t login.

Q. I want to change my email address or password.

Q. I can’t get into a survey despite trying a couple of times.

Q. The question I have is not on this FAQ list.

Q. I want to leave Acumen Panel.

A. You can delete your profile at any stage using the delete profile link under the Member Profile section in the members area. We will then remove all your details from Acumen Panel, including any sharepoints you might have earned.

Remember, you can always come back later, and we'll be glad to see you: all you need to do is re-register as a new member.